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Not all small businesses and local service companies can afford expensive web design or search engine optimization services. This is where we come in. Paradogsicle Minds Media is a full service digital agency specializing in local Olympia Washington service companies and businesses. Continue on to learn more about what we can offer you!

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What We Do

We help you not only build an online presence and brand, but stay with you each step of the way implementing changes that YOU want and ultimately building a larger client database for your business through your branded website and content.

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Search Engine Optimization

Rank in Google for the keywords that will propel your company to success.

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Content Optimization

We will optimize the content of your blog posts and articles to be in line with other top ranking sites for Google's web crawlers.

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On Page Optimization

We can optimize not only the words on the page, but the code behind the page that Google uses to decide how to rank your site.

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SEO Consulting

If you do your own SEO, but are having trouble improving your pages or site anymore, Paradogsicle Minds Media will help you work through the problem and get your site back on the upward track!.

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Data Analysis

Get full site, or single page data analysis of not only the content of your website, but the structure as well. Find out where the weak points are so you can improve upon them and allow Google to crawl your site more easily!

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SEO Strategy

Get a customized plan of attack for your website, your content, and your industry! If your content doesn't stay in line with your particular industry, you are not getting the amount of traffic your site deserves, let us fix that for you!

How We Can Help Your Company's SEO

Providing small business owners, local businesses, and startups around Olympia Washington with the best web hosting, web design, content optimization, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and more! All at prices that don’t make you want to break your screen!

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Why Should You Choose Paradogsicle Minds Media For Your Local SEO Needs?

Though we don’t have the size of a large double or triple digit employee SEO company to work your account, we have something even better!

WE LOVE SEO, and WE LOVE TO HELP SMALL BUSINESSES SUCCEED! Paradogsicle Minds Media is made up of SEO professionals with a deep love and understanding for all things search engine optimization related. From optimizing the structure of individual pages, to researching the best keywords to rank for in your given market or industry, we love what we do and enjoy every moment of it.

When you hire Paradogsicle Minds Media to give your website the SEO boost it needs, feel comfortable knowing that our SEO experts provide you the time, focus, and end results that you need to succeed in the online world as a small business!


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Creating a Culture of Cooperative Success!

At Paradogsicle Minds Media we believe that a culture of cooperation is more beneficial to the success of more than just the self. “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

When you create a culture of cooperation in business, you get an environment where the successes of others actually works to positively influence your success as well! 

Let Paradogsicle Minds Media be the rising tide that lifts your ship!


Access to Your Account SEO Professional


Avg. Traffic Increase

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO professional/consultant?

An SEO professional or consultant is an individual who works either with you or for you to add, remove, or change different aspects of your online presence and website so that you rank higher in search engines, potential customers can find you quicker and more easily, impressions and traffic to the site increase, and the hope is that all these things create an increase in conversions and sales as well!

What SEO stands for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. it is the set of activities online which increase the chance or probability that your site, post, page, or indexed element will not only be found, but actually be clicked on as well by a potential client.

Can SEO Help Your Company?

YES! HANDS DOWN YES! THAT’S A RESOUNDING YES, PEOPLE! No matter your market, industry, niche, product, service, or other is, Search Engine Optimization can absolutely help your company by putting it in front of more people every day for the keywords and long tail keywords based on your industry and specific company and brand!

Have you refrained from hiring an SEO expert in the past because of cost?

Search Engine Optimization can be incredibly expensive! SEO professionals are averaging more than $100 an hour in 2020 now, and if you simply want a single SEO project, good luck getting it done right for under $1000! At Paradogsicle Minds Media, we specialize in local Washington based businesses and the cost effective optimization of their online presence! We offer both monthly retainer type SEO services, as well as singular or specific SEO services such as simply optimizing an article for one or more keywords.

Are you a Washington based small business or local service company?

Though we are based out of Olympia Washington, Paradogsicle Minds Media provides SEO services to the entire State of Washington, but focus only on Washington so as to keep our local SEO knowledge at the top of its game for your benefit!


Before I found Paradogsicle Minds Media and they helped make my online presence something I can be proud of, I had no idea what I was doing or needing to do with my business online to get more customers. With the help of Jarrett, my personal full-service site rep, not only did he get me a local service professional website up and running faster than I thought possible, he made it look and perform exactly how I wanted! I can't say it enough how thankful I am to have found a web design, SEO, and service agency that understands my needs while still fitting within my small business budget!

Anthony Tate

GC, Paradogsicle Minds Client

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Why waste another moment contemplating spending thousands of dollars just to get an optimized, user-friendly, and effective website for your local service company? I want to help you build the online image and presence of your small business because I love watching others have the same kind of success I have. 



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